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The payments paid to the Company's shareholders are called dividends. They are quarterly (or once in a half-year; once a year) are announced by the Board of the directors and charged to the shareholders at the appointed day known as the date of record. The dividends' volume can vary due to the some restrictions specified in the Charter of the corporation or in its documents, given to the creditors. The payments of the dividends to the shareholders (transfer of means into the bank accounts, dispatch of checks by mail, etc.) is made in the day called payments date.

To reveal the shareholders applying for the dividends' reception the ex-dividend date is appointed. As the time required for the transfer of the property right under the ordinary share, the stock exchanges appoint the ex-dividend date before the date of record. The investors, who bought the shares before the ex-dividend date, gain the right for the dividends; and the one who has bought them in the ex-dividend date or later, does not receive the rights for the dividends.

Unlike corporate share holders, the CFDs holders do not receive dividends. While the fulfilment of the trading operations under the CFD only the so-called dividend adjustments is taken into account. Updating occurs in a presence of the open positions on the date of shareholder's list fixing ex-dividend date. In case the opened position is for buy, the dividend adjustment is added to the trading account, if the position is for sale the dividend adjustment will be withheld.

For example, Microsoft declares a quarterly dividends payment on December, 8, 2004 in a rate of 0.08 USD on one share. Thus the date of record is appointed on Thursday, February, 17, 2004, and ex-dividend date on Tuesday, February, 15.

If before the American stock exchange opening on February, 15, the Client has an opened position under *MSFT for buy in 1 lot volume (one thousand shares), the following amount: 0.08*1000=80 USD will be added. If the Client has an open position for ssale the amount of 80 USD will be withheld from his trading account.

The calendar of dividends payments of the companies, whose actions are the basic actives for the CFD tools are presented in the table:

The company Ex-dividend date
(ex-dividend date)
Payment date
(payment date)
Dividend's volume
on 1 share, USD
Payments' periodicity
AXP 04.01.2018 09.02.2018 0.35 Quarter
BA 08.02.2018 02.03.2018 1.71 Quarter
BAC 30.11.2017 29.12.2017 0.12 Quarter
CAT 19.01.2018 20.02.2018 0.78 Quarter
CSCO 04.01.2018 24.01.2018 0.29 Quarter
CVX 16.11.2017 11.12.2017 1.08 Quarter
DIA 15.12.2017 16.01.2018 0.5606 Mounth
DIS 08.12.2016 11.01.2017 0.78 Annual
GE 26.12.2017 25.01.2018 0.12 Quarter
HD 29.11.2017 14.12.2017 0.89 Quarter
HPQ 12.12.2017 03.01.2018 0.1393 Quarter
IBM 09.11.2017 09.12.2017 1.50 Quarter
INTC 06.11.2017 01.12.2017 0.2725 Quarter
JNJ 27.11.2017 12.12.2017 0.84 Quarter
JPM 04.01.2018 31.01.2018 0.56 Quarter
KO 30.11.2017 15.12.2017 0.37 Quarter
MCD 30.11.2017 15.12.2017 1.01 Quarter
MMM 22.11.2017 12.12.2017 1.175 Quarter
MRK 14.12.2017 08.01.2018 0.48 Quarter
MSFT 15.11.2017 14.12.2017 0.42 Quarter
PFE 01.02.2018 01.03.2018 0.34 Quarter
PG 18.01.2018 15.02.2018 0.6896 Quarter
QQQ 18.12.2017 29.12.2017 0.3294 Quarter
SPY 15.12.2017 31.01.2018 1.3513 Quarter
T 09.01.2018 01.02.2018 0.50 Quarter
TRV 08.12.2017 29.12.2017 0.72 Quarter
UNH 30.11.2017 12.12.2017 0.75 Quarter
UTX 16.11.2017 10.12.2017 0.70 Quarter
VZ 09.01.2018 01.02.2018 0.59 Quarter
WMT 07.12.2017 02.01.2018 0.51 Quarter
XOM 10.11.2017 11.12.2017 0.77 Quarter

Note: the dividends additions/deductions according to the calendar of the dividends adjustment is not made on the demo accounts.

Last update of the Dividends' calendar: January 14, 2018.


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