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The list of literature for training and individual study

Name, Autor Description

 Stock and currency market.

Forex Market - way to your success.

Yakimkin V.N.
In the book bases of technical, fundamental and intuitive analyses of the Forex market are set with an accent on a "short" money are, techniques of the capital's management, including ways of stop-orders setting, plusses and minuses of the basic traders' types, ways of the organization of the currency tenders.
Markets of currencies and securities: Stock exchanges; Investments; Participants.

Ginzburg A.I., Miheiko Ì.Â.
In the book, devoted to the problems of currency and stock markets' functioning, bases of the organization of the market, its participants, kinds of the currency markets, risks, the reference of securities at stock exchanges and many other things are considered. The section of the analysis where various methods of forecasting of a market situation are presented is especially interesting.
Electronic intraday time trade in securities.

Ì. M. Fridfertig, D.Uest
The book of the Mark Fridfertig's and Georges Uesta's Book, the professional brokers of stock exchange, is written as the manual for the people, intending to borrow in shares' electronic intraday time trade on the exchange and over-the-counter markets. Authors give the general representation about the share markets, differences of the exchange market from over-the-counter one  more

  Financial markets’ analysis

“Trader's small encyclopedia”

Naiman E.
 The book's third edition that was published in 1997 for the first time. It is the best recommendation and proof that all the details given in the book are in demand. Most of the traders ask themselves: ...
The Fundamental and technical analysis of a securities market.

Haertfelder, Lozovskaja E., Hanush.
 In the book the structure of a securities market is resulted and numerous ways of its analysis are presented. Various economic both psychological factors and their influence on the behaviour of the share prices, technical methods of the analysis are considered.
"The technical analysis of futures' markets"

John J. Murphy
This book is written by the leading specialist in the technical analysis and management of capital, lecturer of the New York Financial Institute - John J. Murphy. "The technical analysis of futures' markets" is a basic textbook on the technical analysis not only of the futures but also the shares, options and other financial instruments.
The Technical analysis. A rate for the beginners.

"Reuters' series for the financiers"
The book is written by experts of the Reuters company, is the practical grant for the beginning investors and traders under the technical analysis. Written by simple and accessible language, the book shows how to use modern analytical methods for work in the financial markets.
The technical analysis. Complete course

Schwagger J.
The important advantage of this book is the fact that it was written by the trader-practician for the same people. This book is not only a collection of basic items of the technical analysis, analytical skills, indicators or systems ...
The visual investor.

John J. Murphy
The author gives estimation and analysis of the investment sector and describes principles of investing into mutual funds. If you are one of those who invests into the market this is the book for you. "The visual investor" supports you with the complex of mathematical formulas for the chart's analysis...
Encyclopedia of the market's technical indicators.

Kolbi Robert, Mejers Thomas A.
The second edition: added and advanced edition of the fullest descriptions of technical indicators of the market, written by the leading expert in the field of the technical analysis Robert Kolbi. In the new edition about 100 new indicators are considered in detail, ... 

  Analysis based on special theories

Mastering Elliott Wave

Glenn Neely
The behaviour of market prices no more than graphic expression of a public opinion. The Elliott wave theory offered by R.N.Elliot in the beginning of 30th years of XX century, defines and classifies, apparently, casual wavy movements of mass psychology ... 
Behind the Candlesticks. New Japanese methods of the graphic analysis.

Steve Nison
Nison has acquainted the western traders with the powerful analytical tool owing to which the Japanese traders already for a long time had advantage in competitive struggle. Nowadays, with an output of this new book where all set of amazingly effective Japanese ...
Morris Gregory L.
Nowadays, Japanese candles are one of the most important technical instruments. This book shows you how candles graphics can be used for finding and estimation of pricing models on the financial and commodity markets. This edition shows in detail how to combine ...
Trade in the world currency markets

Kornelius Luka
In his book Kornelius opens essence of the Gann's analysis and shows "reefs" of Elliot's Wave theory. It shows how you can use modern software for simplification of use of multicomplex combinations of these advanced systems. In the book there are a lot of ...
Model, Price and Time: Application of Gann's theory in trading systems.

James Herzhik
Each trader has one simple desire: to be able to predict the future of the market. The set of methods of forecasting is used for many years, but any of them was not as reliable and effective as the Gann's Theory. In this laying new ways, comprehensive investigation ...

  Psychology of the financial trading

The Disciplined trader: business-psychology of success.

Mark Daglas
In this book the expert on motive forces of trade Mark Duglas explains, why the majority of traders are not ready to pass to another (quite often absolutely new) tactics without which they will no get success. "The disciplined trader" will help the reader to join few elites ... 
“Stock exchange - game for money”

Smith Adam
The book is oriented to a wide audience and dedicated to the analysis of the psychological aspect of an exchanging play. The American edition of this book ran into three editions with a total circulation of more ... 

 Trading systems. Methods of trade.

Development, testing and optimization of the trading systems for the exchange trader.

Pardo Robert
The practical, not demanding special skills of computer programming, application for the creation, testing and optimization of the trading mechanical systems! Here contains everything that you need to develop and check the work of the system on each stage ...
Game on downturn, or Techniques of the "short" sales.

Tom Tolly
"Short" sales - one of the most potentially favourable techniques of work in the share market. In the given book all the aspects of "short" sales are considered and recommendations to the investors intending to use this technique are given. "Short" sales ... 
“Living on the trade”

Elder A.
The author of this bestseller, Doctor Alexander Elder, is a professional stockbroker and an expert in the technical analysis. He says, that successful work depends on three factors - psychology, methods and risk control. In book's first part Dr. Elder shows ...
How to make money on the share market: strategy of trade on growth and falling.

William Dzh. Î'Neille
The book describes one of the most profitable systems of the shares'choice CAN SLIM ™ by means of which many investors have made large conditions on the stock market...
Magicians of the share market. Interview with the leading traders of the share market.

Shvager Jack D.
Shvager Jack D. - the known financier, the author of such financial best sellers, as "New magicians of the market ","Technical analysis" etc."Magicians of the share market " - last book of the well-known series "Magicians of the market" in which the author ...

  Operations with derivates

Options Call nd PUT. The economic and mathematical maintenance of options.

Moriz Adelmejer
An essence of options such as "derivative" financial and commodity tools while the operations at stock exchanges is presented here. The abundance of examples from a real life and schemes promotes understanding and mastering of a material. The conclusion of ...
Bases of trade with Futures

This accessible and convenient management is ideal for the investors who are not having an operational experience with futures yet Covering all the possible future markets, from grain and metals up to mineral oil and financial futures, the book "futures" tells ...
Riddles and secrets of the Options. Mechanics of the stock success.

Chekulaev M.
The book is the guidebook, capable to lead the interested reader on intricate labyrinthes of exchange trade in options, showing really fantastic opportunities in reception of trading profit round the clock that it is impossible to tell about traditional approaches of shares' ...

  Financial markets’ history. Experience of the professionals

The History of Wall-street

Charles R.Geytts
The first history of Wall-street starts from the XVIII-century's merchants that worked on the side of the street till the modern colossus that handles billion dollars! How happened that a small narrow street of the lower Manhatten has such an influence in the USA ... 

Sharp U, G. Alexander, J. Beilyt
The fundamental textbook at the rate of the "Investment", one the authors - U.Sharp - the Nobel prize winner 1990. on economy. Here the purposes and tools of financing are considered in details. Also types of securities and the share markets are described. ...
Practice of exchange gamble.

Niderhoffer Victor, Kenner Lorel
Authors of the "Practice of exchange gamble" investigate bases of myths, disinformations and propagation with which investors are daily bombard by all the mass media. Superstitions, attempts to apply the last experience to already changed situation, repeating again ...

Naiman E.
This book is built on three basic investing processes ("whales") and rules of speculation on the financial markets - mathematics, economics and psychology. The separate chapter is picked out for each of those "whales", and attentive study will open many secrets ...

Vick Sperandeo
Vick Sperandeo - "Trader Vick" for the colleagues and "absolute Wall Street's professional", according to Barron`s - has achieved rather remarkable rate of return in 70,7 %, not having besides any non-profit year during between 1978 and 1989, at all not ...
EXCHANGE SECRETS: Highly effective strategy of short-term trade.

Lawrence A.Konnors and Linda Bredford Rashki.
Traders communicate not only to discuss bull or bear markets, but also aspiring to share sights at the nature and intricacy of the business. When we begin conversation, always happens surprisingly to reveal similarity of the acquired lessons, to exchange ... 
Secrets of exchange trade: Shares' trading on the stock exchanges.

Tvardovskij V.V., Parshikov S.V.
The book is written to the operating traders and ones who operate investment portfolios, therefore questions of investments into actions and features of stockjobbing in the Russian markets are considered from the practical point of view. The special attention ...
Reminiscences of a Stock Operator

Lefer Edvin
For the first time the book was published in 1923 " Reminiscences of a Stock Operator" represents biography of the Jersy Livermor, one of the greatest speculators in human history. Today this book remains one of the most popular and useful books on ... 


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