The name: Reminiscences of a Stock Operator
The Author: Lefer Edvin

For the first time the book was published in 1923 " Reminiscences of a Stock Operator" represents biography of the Jersy Livermor, one of the greatest speculators in human history. Today this book remains one of the most popular and useful books on investment. Generations of investors found out, that book gives them more in sense of understanding of the market, than years of own practical experience. Recommendations and analysis of the prices' movements given in the book, today are so adequate and useful, as well as in 1923. In the beginning of 1900th years Livirmor won and lost tens millions dollars on securities markets and the exchange goods, and somehow all for a month it has managed to earn the astronomical sum on those times - ten millions dollars. In due time it had a reputation of so powerful factor of the market, that in 1929 many considered as its originator of exchange crash. It had to disappear and even to employ the security guard. "Memoirs...", which there was presented in "New York Times" as " the truthful book "vividly represent process of becoming of this master of gamble since 14. By nature it was perfectly able to do mental arithmetic and has early learned to predict, in what direction the prices will change. Having begun with the rate in five dollars, it by twenty years became the man of means and has got reputation on Wall-street. He has leaded the first greater operation in 1906, having brought down actions of the Incorporated Pacific railway. It bought up all clap in the market and has earned one million dollars for one day. It was the bull in the market of bulls and a bear in the market of bears, and it spoke, that only novices concern to a stock exchange as to the gambling. It advises for safety to counterbalance investments and to sell on the big recoil of quotations. Livermor has been three times ruined and every time he managed to rise.

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