The name: EXCHANGE SECRETS: Highly effective strategy of short-term trade.
The Author: Lawrence A.Konnors and Linda Bredford Rashki.

Traders communicate not only to discuss bull or bear markets, but also aspiring to share sights at the nature and intricacy of the business. When we begin conversation, always happens surprisingly to reveal similarity of the acquired lessons, to exchange experience and to see, how all we independently from each other come to the same conclusions. Often in conversations with each other we actually search for solutions in own heads, hoping to understand myself little bit better. Despite of our constant aspiration to knowledge, the market itself does so that the end to this doctrine was not. Finally, our maximum teacher is experience, and to replace it with anything it is impossible. We can choose only the attitude with which we approach to this process of studying of trade. We can accept inevitable failures and study as them or we can concede to our natural human persistence and to be compelled to repeat the same lessons many times. The given book has been written by two people who like this process.

The most important secret consists in the following: listen to the markets and not impose to them your will. Each successful trader knows about the necessity of sequence. The key is - you should trade, using consecutive methodology. You should follow the certain strategy of trade. Though this book represents many strategies each of them has the same obligatory starting point: first reduction of risk, then, only after the risk is certain and put under the control, maximization of profit. For two we have 34 years of experience in a role of exchange traders, members of a stock exchange, traders, managers of hedge funds and advisers on trade in futures - and time we traded in all this on the own account. At us it has turned out well because our first supervising principle was an obligatory and prime finding of schemes and ways of ocurrence on the market, minimizing подвергание to risk. The profit then comes in itself. At last, though we also represent many various models, to you to succeed, ONE strategy is necessary only. Some of the best traders succeed, because trade according to only one strategy. It would be desirable to hope, that all models in the given management will increase your understanding of some features of the market and will serve as acknowledgement of your own reasons on the market.

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