The name: The History of Wall-street.
The Author: Charles R.Geytts

The first history of Wall-street starts from the XVIII-century's merchants that worked on the side of the street till the modern colossus that handles billion dollars! How happened that a small narrow street of the lower Manhatten has such an influence in the USA and all around the world nowadays? Charles Geytts, a specialist in economic history, answers this question. He describes the Wall-street's evolution. "The history of Wall-street" is a chronicle of the street and a wide brave version of the American economic history in the same time: this is a story about profits and losses of people whose breasts burned in the flame of irrepressible enterprise, and about the role that Wall-street played in a conversion of the USA into the most powerful economic state in the world. "The history of Wall-street" will be interesting not only for financiers and economists. Wall-street is a part of the common history of the developed capitalism's forming and one of the examples of the market economy's stipulation.

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