The name: Magicians of the share market. Interview with the leading traders of the share market.
The author: Shvager Jack D.

Shvager Jack D. - the known financier, the author of such financial best sellers, as "New magicians of the market ","Technical analysis" etc."Magicians of the share market " - last book of the well-known series "Magicians of the market" in which the author takes interview from the most successful American traders and managing directors. Each of interviewees has achieved tremendous results in trade in the share market, that denying the ordinary statement that movements of the prices are unpredictable. A variety of trading styles amazes imagination. Reading of this remarkable book will help both to beginning investors, and professionals in a new fashion to look at the market and to find out new methods of reception of profit. As the book is written by a simple language and is fascinating, it will be interesting to the broad audience of the readers, were interested by the financial markets.

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