The name: How to make money on the share market: strategy of trade on growth and falling.
The Author: William Dzh. О'Neille

The book describes one of the most profitable systems of the shares'choice CAN SLIM ™ by means of which many investors have made large conditions on the stock market.

The founder of this system, William О'Neille having begun in 1962 from 5.000 dollars and having used opportunities of a the margin trade, for a year has earned 200.000 dollars and has bought a broker place at the New York stock exchange. Last decades it is one of the most authoritative exchange advisers of the USA. Among his clients all the largest investment companies, banks, pension funds and others investors of the country (more than 600), and also hundred thousand the individual investors working on system CAN SLIM ™ and receiving all necessary information through daily newspaper Investor's Business Daily which it has based 1984. Now it is the second national business newspaper of the USA after The Wall Street Journal.

System CAN SLIM ™ is based on laws of behaviour of the most profitable actions last 50 years. It denies many stereotypes and erroneous criteria of a choice of actions and has proved the exclusive efficiency in practice. Not casually, only in the USA it is already sold more than 1 million copies of this book.

The knowledge of system CAN SLIM ™ is absolutely necessary for the professionals of the share market. Besides the book serves as the fine manual for teachers and students of economic and financial high schools, and also all those who aspires to earn on actions.

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