The name: “ Living on the trade ”
The Author: Elder A.

The author of this bestseller, Doctor Alexander Elder, is a professional stockbroker and an expert in the technical analysis. He says, that successful work depends on three factors - psychology, methods and risk control. In book's first part Dr. Elder shows keys for success that are in your psychology. He teaches how to be a disciplined trader and avoid emotional exchange traps, how to find beneficial deals, using graphics, computerized indicators and the other financial instruments of the exchanging analysis. You will see how to combine different analyzing methods into the effective system of the exchanging game. And at last you will understand how to manage money on your personal account. All the rules of risk avoidance are very important for a stockbroker, just like air reserve for a diver. Opening this book you make the first step to the cognition of new trading methods on currency, stock, futures and other markets. You will discover how to play and win on the stock exchange.

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