The name: Model, Price and Time: Application of Gann's theory in trading systems.
The Author: James Herzhik

Each trader has one simple desire: to be able to predict the future of the market. The set of methods of forecasting is used for many years, but any of them was not as reliable and effective as the Gann's Theory. In this laying new ways, comprehensive investigation of main principles of the Gann's Theory Hannah, lead by James A.Herzhikom and presented in the book,/ Also the book offers unprecedented sight at association of tools of the Gann's Theory with modern systems of trade. Popular Gann's Theory, has been developed by one of the first and most successful technical analysts of the market. Gann's person still causes rough disputes. The brilliant mathematician, V.D.Gann, was widely known for the analytical abilities, revolutionary ideas and relentless aspiration to create the perfect system of trade. Allocated by supernatural abilities in a prediction of events, it shared the unique talent, publishing annual market forecasts of the basic movements and exact levels of support and resistance. In 1929, it even warned traders of a coming nearer crash: " September - the period of one of the most abrupt recessions of year... There Will be "a Black Friday " with panic recession of actions and only small rises ". Highly estimated for the ability to predict the future, Gann, however, was and remains rejected by many, being nonconventional, defiantly original and thoughtful. Nevertheless, despite of leisure conjectures of ill-wishers, its theories remain many generations of traders fundamentally weighty and successfully adapted for use.

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