The name: "The Japanese candles: method of shares and futures" analyze that is time-tested."
The Author: Morris Gregory L.

Nowadays, Japanese candles are one of the most important technical instruments. This book shows you how candles graphics can be used for finding and estimation of pricing models on the financial and commodity markets. This edition shows in detail how to combine the Japanese candles with the other technical instruments for finding profitable deals.

"No doubts, it's the best book on candles that shows - it was made at the first time - how to combine them with the traditional technical analysis. Methods that open a wide psychological aspect of graphical models, are another powerful instruments that are explained in detail in this really valuable book", John McGingly, Technical Trends' editor. "This book is like a fit of fresh air in a room that is full of the analytical smoke. Gregory Morris manages the most difficult theme of the Japaneses candles" graphics as a professional pilot that makes a safe landing of a big plane. Greg supports traders with clear and exact instructions. This book is written very thoroughly; it is a clear and powerful trading guidance." Dr. Alexander Elder, director of Financial Trading Seminars, Inc.

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