The name: Mastering Elliott Wave
The Author: Glenn Neely

The behaviour of market prices no more than graphic expression of a public opinion. The Elliott wave theory offered by R.N.Elliot in the beginning of 30th years of XX century, defines and classifies, apparently, casual wavy movements of mass psychology (behaviour of the market) in visual price figures. R.N.Elliot's description of the psychological behaviour as structurally repeating phenomenon, submitting to usual mathematical laws of a progression, will allow you by studying historical data of the behaviour of market prices confidently to estimate a current condition of the market, orientation of mass psychology (within the limits of the standardized sequence) and its future economic displays.

Unfortunately, in the initial form many concepts and the ideas, concerning appendices of wave theory in a mode of real time, remained not opened by the analysts. After decade of extensive researches, real application in trade and teaching, Neely has considerably expanded and has specified the concepts originally opened by R.N.Elliot. It will help you to use more precisely them for the purposes of exchange trade, investment and the business enterprises. For the first time these concepts are presented in logic step-by-step sequence, in that order as they and should be applied to the schedule of the prices. As a result all guesses and the uncertainty, usually connected with the wave theory, are eliminated. If you aspire to understand better dynamics of behaviour of a market price if you wish to learn to predict the future, the given book will help you to reach the purpose, than any another more.

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