The name: The technical analysis. Complete course.
The Author: Schwagger J.

Jack Schwagger wrote uncommonly a good book. He provided the material in a way that both the specialist and the novice will find much useful information. "Each trader should read it irrespective of his level" - said Stanley Drakenmiller, Managing Director of "Soros Fund Management", the "author" of 1992 pounds' collapse. The important advantage of this book is the fact that it was written by the trader-practician for the same people. This book is not only a collection of basic items of the technical analysis, analytical skills, indicators or systems (although all those can be found in abundance) - but a complete course for a trader with an accent on their practical application. With the explanation of analytical methods J. Schagger enables to consider very important questions having been ignored by the other authors: how to use methods of the technical analysis in a real trade, which indications say about ineffective methods, how to create and test a trade system to maximize its future but not retrospective outcome. The book contains practically all the aspects of trading: the analysis of cycles, the "Japanese candles", technical indicators, trading strategies, philosophy of trade and so on. It makes this book a useful textbook for a trader of any training level.

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