The name: "The technical analysis of futures' markets "
The Author: John J. Murphy

This book is written by the leading specialist in the technical analysis and management of capital, lecturer of the New York Financial Institute - John J. Murphy. "The technical analysis of futures' markets" is a basic textbook on the technical analysis not only of the futures but also the shares, options and other financial instruments. It is selected by the Association of the technical analyticians of the USA as one of the basic books for getting a certificate of a Chartered Market Technician. Among all the specialists it`s called a "Holy Bible of the technical analysis".

This book provides all the basic positions of the technical analysis and methods of its practical application. John J. Murphy persuasively proves the necessity of using the technical analysis for forecasting of prices' movement and successful financial operations. From this book you will find out how to build and make forecast on the basis of different types of charts (bar, candle, tic-tac-toe), what a trend line is and how to forecast the tendency's turning point; what the levels of support and resistance are, how to analyze trade volume indicators and the quantity of opened positions and so on.

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