The name: Electronic intraday time trade in securities.
The Authors: M. Fridfertig, D.Uest

The book of the Mark Fridfertig's and Georges Uesta's Book, the professional brokers of stock exchange, is written as the manual for the people, intending to borrow in shares' electronic intraday time trade on the exchange and over-the-counter markets. Authors give the general representation about the share markets, differences of the exchange market from over-the-counter one, the mechanisms of their functioning acting on them rules, electronic trade in securities in a real time mode. The significant attention is given to the technologies providing intra-day's electronic trade, consideration of advantages and lacks of various existing systems of maintenance of this trade. The main advantage of the book consists that in it rules and methods of the analysis of the conjuncture developing in the share market are the basic variants of strategy of successful intraday time electronic trade and typical mistakes of traders are described.

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