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Picture to Yourself that You are at the Stock Exchange in New York in the modern financial Babylon. You are surrounded with big monitors where every single moment thousands of characters, names and dates appear and pass away. You are observing as participants of Stock Exchange are buying and selling different securities and options, future contracts and government stocks. Trade operations can have different targets like provision of stable income in the form of dividends and getting momentary speculative profit. Nevertheless all stock gamblers have the same target - to get profit.

To buy shares of General Motors or sell shares of Microsoft You should not be in New York or London. Meanwhile you can conduct stock operations staying at home! FOREX UKRAINE proposes a group of financial instruments that are called Contracts for difference (CFDs) for shares of the biggest US companies.

CFD for shares

In terms of financial language, contract for difference is the agreement between seller and buyer of the contract to pay the difference between the opening and closing price of the contract. In other words, if you buy CFD for 500 shares of Walt Disney Corporation at 35.00 US dollars for 1 share and sell it after a time at 37.80 US dollars contract buyer (i.e. the Company) undertakes to pay You price difference which is 2.8 * 500 = 1400 US dollars. On the other hand, if the share price at operation close time is lower than the purchase price You will be obligated to pay price difference.

For the operations with contracts for difference our Company gives You an opportunity to use the leverage 1:10. If You have 1500 US dollars on the account You can conduct operations with sums up to 15000 US dollars. The amount of minimum contract for difference is 10 shares while maximum is not limited!

We invite You to test Yourself as a stock trader! We propose You a wide range of choice of CFD for shares of the biggest American companies as well as for so called exchange traded funds (as basis asset You can use such traded funds as Dow Jones Industrial, NASDAQ-100, S&P-500).

The basic advantages of CFDs

  • Low margin requirements. Required margin makes only 10% from the total cost of the contract;
  • Global and ubiquity. An opportunity to work from any point of the world via Internet;
  • Guaranteed order execution. An opportunity to put an order of any type that would be executed automatically;
  • Low commission. Commission starting from 0.05%;
  • Diversification. The Clients of our Company have a possibility to trade a wide variety of financial instruments.


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