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The Company's main activity is to provide access to the gaming (trading) operations with a wide range of actives via Internet.

We offer the following for successful and effective work:

  • A wide spectrum of financial tools the opportunity to conduct gaming operations with 16 pairs of most liquid currencies, with US dollar index (USDX) and also with the contracts for difference - CFD on shares of the leading US companies (33) and exchange traded funds (3).
  • Market quotations there is no such a concept as an "indicative" price in our Company. Our Clients receive only real market prices during work and can conduct operations on them. In fact, the charts of the rates' fluctuations of various financial instruments are the documents that contain fixed prices the Clients deal with.
  • Single trading server all the accounts, demo and real, are maintained by the single server. Such a policy brings to the absolute identity of order's processing and fulfilling principles, no matter of account's type.
  • Instant Execution a technology of order's execution, which allows to fulfil your trading decisions immediately without preliminary request and under the best prices in a short time.
  • Minimal spread the difference between Bid and Ask prices is fixed and makes 3 points on the main currency pairs in the Company.
  • Overnight the open positions' transition through the midnight is carried out by the way of charge and deduction of means according to the SWAP-points' table without the compulsory closing of the current position with further opening of a new one.
  • Everyday market analysis the Company publishes the analytical information of our experts and the market's news, containing all the essential info for traders (quotation, macroeconomic indexes, news, etc.) 24 hours a day.

The maximum comfortable and clear conditions of work, offered by FOREX UKRAINE, will lead any trader - a specialist or a beginner - to success.

In case you want to test the acceptability and conformation of the Company conditions and draw conclusions of your personal capabilities of work on the financial markets, you can open a free demo account.

The complete package of documents necessary for account opening and operations conduction is available for the registered users of the Client-service system

If you have got any questions we recommend you to visit our page of Questions and Answers or write a letter to  Client Service Department. We would be very glad to answer to all Your questions and give You additional information.


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