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Successful work in the Forex market cant do without high-quality and regular analysis. FOREX UKRAINE Analytic Department carries daily research of the main financial instruments and publishes latest financial news, forecasts and reviews, namely:

Financial News

Financial newswire contains all the essential news and events of the currency, stock, commodity markets and capital markets. The page of financial news almost every minute is updated with news concerning the most important events that have a direct impact on global currency and equity rates.
Financial News >

Technical Analysis

Technical analysis provides daily updates based on analysis of historical charts of OsMA trend indicator on the four major currency pairs. These are EUR/USD, USD/JPY, GBP/USD and USD/CHF. To receive fresh updates, you can subscribe either to technical analysis RSS-channel or email subscription.
Technical Analysis >

Wave Analysis

Those interested in alternative approaches to market analysis are offered a paid subscription to the weekly updates for EUR/USD currency pair based on Glenn Neely method of wave analysis. If you are interested in wave analysis for some other currency pair, we can arrange a separate subscription for you.
Wave Analysis >

Trading Signals

Beginners will take advantage of an easy and convenient resource for making trade decisions daily trading signals. Signals are very easy to use and will be clear even for those without the knowledge of analytic basics and wide experience of trading.
Trading Signals >

Economic Calendar

Economic calendar is a tool for planning ones own trades. It displays the main events of the upcoming trading week so that a trader could schedule a day and time of the trade and make some basic predictions.
Economic Calendar >

Interest rates

This page displays up-to-date information about current interest rates of the major central banks in the world, next review date and last modified. Interest rates reflect the state of the economy, and hence its currency.
Interest rates >

Holidays Calendar

Holidays calendar is also important for planning own trading activity showing the holidays on the whole Forex market, and a reduction in trading volumes on certain trading sessions in the case of holiday only in certain regions.
Holidays Calendar >

Economic indicators

This page provides information about all major financial indicators to understand the degree of importance and influence of one or another financial data or event to currency rates. The description of each indicator provides information about the frequency of its updates, and most importantly positive or negative influence it has in case of its rise and fall.
Economic indicators >

Most analytics, provided by the Company, is free of charge. However, this does not diminish its quality. If you have questions regarding analytical materials published on our website, please contact us through our feedback form.


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